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CVM Millspun Yarn-Red Tonal

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CVM Millspun Yarn-Red Tonal
CVM Millspun Yarn hand painted tonal reds

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Romeldale CVM Sheep

In 2011 we added the first sheep to our farm, the endangered Romeldale CVM. We brought home one CVM ram, White Barn Farm Swifty, and four white Romeldale ewes. This yarn, from Swifty, is our first ever millspund processed right here in Michigan by Stonehedge Fiber Mill.


Millspun CVM Yarm - Swifty

CVM is known for being next to the skin soft, beautiful crimp, and extreme loft.  Seriously I squishy this yarn every single time I walk by.  I just cannot resist.  The breed standard is 21-25 micron.  Swifty's lamb fleece tested at 21 micron and 99% comfort factors, and he is passing these amazing genetics to all of his lambs.  While this yarn is next to the skin soft for me, as a ram fleece it is probably now on the upper end of the breed standard.


  • Hand Painted by our Shepard Ellen Zawada 
  • Tonal dyed
  • 100% CVM wool
  • 2 ply 14-18 wpi
  • approximately 3 oz and 225 yards
  • Grown in Michigan

In 2019 The Livestock Conservancy will be running a Shave 'Em to Save 'Em promotion for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and all fiber artist to promote the use of rare breed wools.


Zephyr Creek Farm utilizes regenerative agriculture techniques to heal the land.  Our sheep live on pasture year round, utilizing holistic grazing during the growing season and bale grazing during the winter.  Our passion is sustainable fibers and textiles. 

Additional Information

Yarn Weight Sport
Fiber Choices Wool: Romeldale/CVM
Color Family Red, Red-orange
Color Attributes Handdyed, Handpainted, Tonal